As with all jewellery, plating can tarnish or fade over time, to prevent this oxidisation we have the following tips on how to care for your Bling Bar Jewels and have them looking like new!


​Try & avoid the following:

​- Moisture (water, sweat)
- Excess humidity (keeping your jewellery in your bathroom can aid oxidisation)
- Chlorine, makeup & any chemicals (including perfume & body lotion)

​If you come into contact with any of the above, give your jewellery a wipe with a clean, dry cloth (we recommend this after every wear). If you are storing your jewellery for long periods of time, or in areas of high humidity (think those tropical holidays or just the bathroom cabinet) we recommend using your Bling Bar pouch or even a zip lock bag. As with any jewellery, your Bling won't be able to withstand 'mishandling' or aggressive wear.

​Please try and be careful when adjusting cuffs and rings to be sure these don't snap or bend out of shape. Making sure your chain does not get caught or pulled with force will also prolong its life-span.

 We stand by our quality and will happily replace any issues deemed a 'manufacturing fault', however, we can not be responsible for issues caused by mistreatment or general 'wear and tear'.

If you feel you are unhappy with the quality or your jewels, or for further tips and feedback, get in touch with us at

Our sustainability mission
By 2022 all of our packaging will be completely recyclable. All of our card is fully FSC certified, with the aim of being 100% recyclable very soon. The same goes for removing single-use plastic wherever possible. We consider this mission a lifelong commitment and we're improving and learning every day.